New Years Eve, Eve

OK, yesterday was a fabulous day. Our visit to Scrap was wonderful, it was a very good SCRAP day. Picked up some great stuff which included 2 books. both in excellent condition. One was Soft Furnishings for your home which had some nice techniques for slip covers and blinds, which I want to use to make some changes around the house. The other one covered one of my favorite crafts, cloth doll making. I am a fan of sculptured dolls and I actually think of then as art dolls as they are not really a childs plaything (although Raggedy Ann will remain my favorite all time doll) but they are fun to make and the results can be fantastic. I am so looking forward to picking up some new techniques from this one.
Scrap also had some silver foil labels and wonderful high end stationary paper for the computer and a couple of metal tea tins (great storage). I cannot forget the Amy Butler pattern box which looks brand new and has several different pattern cards inside. My friends picked up some wonderful stuff as well. Its great being green and it makes one feel better that your going to use something that someone else had the presence of mind to donate vs throwing away.

After Scrap we headed for Knitt’n Kitten and had a wonderful visit with Ethel who runs the shop. They had a great selection fabrics, I picked up 3 yards of a hand dye for $3.50. She also had a great selection of Czech glass buttons that I know I can incorporate into my jewelry as well as some vintage glass beads and some stone beads. She also had some wonderful sari silk yarn ( I use the word yarn loosely) I was very happy to see this, as I use it to make fiber necklaces and have been afraid of running out. 4 skeins of beautiful wool multi color woven yarn at an unbelievable price per skein. I may use this for either some necklaces or my daughter may take it and make something fabulous.   She also had a good selection of used craft books. I picked up a couple back issues of stringing magazine and a book called crochet squared whcih has some wonderful shawl and wrap patterns in it. Although I did not make any purchases from the Vintage linens room, there were some great items in there. A lot of crocheted doilies but also many aprons and table coverings, some of which had been cross stitched by hand in elaborate designs.

After this we were starving! Stopped for lunch at a place called the Hutch, which I do not think we will ever return to. Food was not very good and the drinks (teas, soda etc) were also not good, all tasted like they had something else in them.

Then on our way home we hit Village Beads in Multnomah Village. Great bead shop!! Where as we were making our purchases she mentioned that they had classes and that in fact they had a resin jewelry class that very evening! We jumped on it and signed up immediately. We ran home and dropped off one friend who needed to get home, then raced back to the bead shop for class. What a WONDERFUL class! We made a two pieces each. We picked out our own pendant to fill with doo-dads and resin. We both chose a copper pendant and a glass concave lens (that we can wire wrap later). She has some great stuff on hand to incorporate into our works of art. I think they turned out great! We will pick them up on Friday once they have set up a bit. I will take a picture then so everyone can see the results. I will definitely go back to this shop, they not only have a beautiful shop but a lot of their inventory is very reasonably priced.

After class we were once again hungry and tired. We stopped at the next place that looked appealing on the way home. Old World Pub and brewery. We were pleasantly surprised. Wonderful food, and ale! It was the perfect end to a wonderfully fun day!

Wish you all could have been there… Peace.