Happy New Year!

2011 will be a fabulous new year!

I finally found all of the components for the copper bracelets I want to try.  Thank goodness for ACE Hardware

I first went to Home Depot to see if they had the copper tubing I was looking for, they did have it.   Then I thought, hey I might as well pick up some copper washers and wire as well.  No luck at Home Depot, they did not carry any of the copper items I was looking for (I only found this out after I was told several times to go to a different aisle where they might be and then told they didn’t have them in that aisle, when I got there).

I headed for ACE hardware which is a lot further away, I wish it wasn’t.   They led me right to the washers, showed me the 4 different gauges of copper wire (and brass wire) they had on hand.   Then told me they had a solid copper wire that was much thicker.   He went out back and cut me a sample of each one.  Then gave me the sample so I could try it.   ACE HARDWARE ROCKS! Then a total shock, ACE hardware carries my Favorite BBQ sauce, James Gang!

This was a great way to spend New Years Eve, Eve!