Saturday is a good day

Went to a meet up today at Art on a Lark in Hillsboro!  It was a lot of fun, the project this week was Zentangled butterflies.  This was so much fun to do.  Mostly because the people in the group were so open and friendly.   My friend Lori found a kindred spirit in the shop owner as they seem to have much of the same stamping background… and the stories to prove it!   If you have never heard of Zentangling, it was recently named by some people somewhere and there are now many books on it.   I have been doing this for years, it just never had a name.   Apparently now it does.  If your interested in more information you can visit–1.php.   In this case they had some precut chipboard butterflies which we drew ink designs on and I am not bragging when I say that everyones were wonderful!!   Wish I had remembered to bring my camera!   Oh, well moment passed and I am moving on.

After several hours at Art on a Lark, we headed into Hillsboro for lunch at Maggies Buns.   They have some really good food, I had a sausage and rice stuffed green pepper that was pretty dang good.  Lori had the steak Quiche which was also dang good.   (which using a coupon that Lori had cost us for only one meal!  SWEET!) We got there 30 minutes before they close, as we were finishing they were getting close to locking up.  Since they are not open on Sundays, they offered us 2 big boxes of muffins for free, if we didn’t take them they would toss them…  so what do you think we did?   Of course we threw them away!   NAH, we took em, and when we opened the boxes later, there were thee largest and most tasty muffins inside.   We will bring whats is left to the guild meeting tomorrow evening.

After lunch we stopped in at the Accidental bookbinder, had a wonderful chat about metal and etching copper and all kinds of stuff!  Picked up some great items, some of which I will make into earrings.   I also got one of their box making kits, which I have probably looked at and wondered about for 4 years and finally got around to purchasing.   They are so clever and talented there, I could hang out there for a long time.

Then we stopped in at Valley Art, which is a wonderful Art Gallery right around the corner from the Accidental bookbinder.   It is so inspiring, so much really nice art covering the gamut of art forms.   It is so open and airy since their remodel,  so really pleasant to wander through.

Then Of course we had to stop into the antique gallery next door,  saw several things from my childhood that are apparently ‘vintage’ now…  But picked up some good instant relatives and ancient postcards that I can use in collage or altered books.

So many idea’s, so little time…  Peace.