Saturday, February 5th

Wow, it hardly seems true to find that January has come and gone already!   Less than  week and the Gallery will reopen and artworks will be on display and the Loving Red show will commence.   Was working down at the Odgepodge today and seeing some of the artworks coming in for the show, and to say wow!  is just not enough, there is some truly spectacular art happening and for this show.   I certainly hope it draws a crowd!  It should.

The artworks are all 12 x 12″ each and by some truly wonderful professional artists and are priced to sell.  They will run anywhere from $50- $150.   Barbara Paanakkers work alone at $150 would truly be a bargain as would Melody Clearys and they have priced at lower than that.   You would be lucky to normally find it at $450 or more.   Teffany Ingram has outdone herself on this one as well and hers will no doubt sell early on in the show.  We are so looking forward to having them on display, that I want to jump up and down over and over again!  Dana Keena has organized and invited artists from all over the Portland Metro Area for this show and had quite a few acceptances.

This will be a great way to kick off the new year!    I had better get working on mine they are due pretty dang soon!!

See ya there!