Giving Thanks for all the blessings….

As is usual for this time of year, many of us contemplate what we should be thankful for.   I should be thankful more often, but I don’t always give it much thought.   I get busy and sometimes forget that all could be gone in a flash.

I am Thankful I have not lost any loved ones this year as so many have.  Whether it be a son or Daughter serving our country.   A husband or wife, a Mother or Father, sister or brother or even a child.   My heart reaches out to one and all.

I am thankful that I am in relatively good health as is my family.  That my husband takes care of all things that I do not.  That my daughter is getting to do what she really wanted to do.

I appreciate all of the small pleasures in life, that I get to be creative and experiment with new creations.

That I have good friends and that all of them are doing well.   We have our worries and our trials, but I pray that all will be good and that the upcoming holidays are a blessing to everyone.

I wish for everyone that you can be with the ones you love,  in person or thought.

Let your family know you love them, help someone in need, be kind in your heart and words and develop your understanding mind.   You will only be better for it.  I will try harder this year…


Happy Thanksgiving!