Autumn Artisan Market

The Autumn Artisan Market, sponsored by the Rainbow Rebekahs, in Sherwood, Oregon, present a wonderful new handmade market.  This cozy market will occur over the course of two days and feature  many different local handmade artisans.  The Rainbow Rebekahs will have hotdogs and drink on hand midday on Saturday and Saturday morning, they will have handmade fresh yeast raised donuts, know for miles around!


Artisans that will be participating include:

Symaria Browns Couture Bodycare Creations

The Shaws handmade glass lit pendants – so unique!

Melissa Nash and her painted artworks

Surett J’s Handmade feather earrings  – Love these!

Berniece handmade sewn creations a local favorite – Here you will find those things you didn’t know you needed until you see them.

Pure Pizzazz handmade jewelry a Sherwood local favorite as well – What a selection!

Brianns Handmade soothing neckwraps and other creations – Get these for yourself before the holidays, some real stress relievers!

Lori Randels unique handmade mixed media artworks – One of a kind art, a must have.

Mizzoni’s unique handmade TuTu’s and unique creations

Puthucodes beautiful polymer clay creations

Petersons handmade crystal trees that must be seen and taken home to share for generations.

Winegars sweet infant and child items, beautiful items for those sweet little ones, we all love!

Nuttin Perfects creative holiday wood and rope decor items, I will be shopping here for great holiday decor, that you won’t find at  Target or Walmart for sure!


Rainbow Rebekahs

famous handmade fresh

Saturday Donuts!


Donuts are 50 cents each or a dozen for $6 

Order ahead for larger quantities

Please contact us if you have any questions!


Giving Thanks for all the blessings….

As is usual for this time of year, many of us contemplate what we should be thankful for.   I should be thankful more often, but I don’t always give it much thought.   I get busy and sometimes forget that all could be gone in a flash.

I am Thankful I have not lost any loved ones this year as so many have.  Whether it be a son or Daughter serving our country.   A husband or wife, a Mother or Father, sister or brother or even a child.   My heart reaches out to one and all.

I am thankful that I am in relatively good health as is my family.  That my husband takes care of all things that I do not.  That my daughter is getting to do what she really wanted to do.

I appreciate all of the small pleasures in life, that I get to be creative and experiment with new creations.

That I have good friends and that all of them are doing well.   We have our worries and our trials, but I pray that all will be good and that the upcoming holidays are a blessing to everyone.

I wish for everyone that you can be with the ones you love,  in person or thought.

Let your family know you love them, help someone in need, be kind in your heart and words and develop your understanding mind.   You will only be better for it.  I will try harder this year…


Happy Thanksgiving!



Upcycle? Recycle? Reuse? Repurpose?

What does this all mean when you’re a creative person?  Well, for most it means instead of throwing something away, either find another way to use it or put it in the recycle bin.   That is if your community will recycle it.   In some areas of the country there are community reuse places that you can take your, still useful items in hopes that someone else will find your trash to be a treasure.

Near where I am we have a place called Scrap (School Community reuse action program) it is not all that near to me, but I will make a special trip to get there.   Most of the time though I am a shopper there, but thankfully, there are many that make donations to them.   For example they have lots of fabric, upholstery and wallpaper sample books, yarn, tiles, paper, envelopes etc.   All of which are very reusable to make useful and decorative items.   I have picked up many a large fabric sample to make pillow or handbags.   For the longest time they had a barrel full of corks.  I could never figure out what I could make from a cork, but others did because they dwindled down to nothing eventually.

Perhaps one of my favorite spots is the book and magazine corner, where you can find books and magazines for pennies.   Or the paper corner where you buy office paper for 25 cents an inch.   (measured by the height of your stack)  Sometimes you can find envelopes with no return address, those are great!   But they also have some with a return address which are easily upcycled by sticking your address sticker over theirs.   Scrap keeps so much stuff out of landfills each year just by redistributing it, that they deserve a recycle award!   Besides I have no idea where I would find a barrel of corks or belt blanks to be re-purposed. Would you?

Just recently I incorporated some glossy cardstock from Scrap into my gift tags.  The original sheets were 8 1/2 x 22, so required some cutting down before I could punch them.   It took longer to punch them as they are pretty sturdy, but it was worth it.  The paper is wonderful with my tags.   It embossed beautifully and I am very happy with it.








Tree Ornament Gift tag


I encourage everyone to donate to their local reuse program and to shop there.   You just never know what you will find…

P.S. I found one in San Francisco too..  Scrap (Scrounger’s Center for Reusable Art Parts)  Love it!!

To see more please visit my shop on Etsy at

Have a great day!

Handmade: Is it worth it?

So you know that handmade is pretty trendy…

You can go on Etsy and find a million handmade items that you think are adorable.   But one of the great things about handmade are the connection you make with the Artist/Craftsperson.  For the Artist or craftsperson, that connection is important to them too.   So question is, how do you make that connection?   One way is to search Etsy for locally made items.  You can specify a default search that narrows to the closest town to you.   You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how many great items are made right down the street from you.

When I talk to people at shows, many are surprised to find out that I am a local artist.   They assume that if your doing a show you must be from out of state or pretty far away.

So lets say you found someone close, you can convo them and ask if they are doing any shows locally that you can attend or if their work is in any local shops as well.   This will also give you a feel for the person behind the art.    Did you get a quick response?   Where they friendly even if they weren’t doing any shows?  Best case you find you really like the person behind the art and worse case, you move on and continue shopping locally and globally…

So, have fun, keep shopping and support your local artist…

Something from Nothing continued . . .

OK, I said yesterday I would share what else I have been creating with Yarn.   Now keep in mind that I have about 6 of those large grocery tote bags (you know the one’s you get for 99cents at Whole foods that are made of recycled something or other).   Mine are full of yarn, yes I know (cry) that I should actually use them to take to the grocery store, but once they are home and emptied, somehow they get re-purposed and I wind up buying more the next time I go.  Or using the paper grocery bags.  Anywho, back to my original story, whatever that was….

I made a promise to myself that I would make something out of all of this yarn and the first installment was the dish cloths.   I liked those so much I started searching the internet to see what looked good that I could whip up.    My search made me think I MUST make scarves.  I didn’t want to make just any old scarf, crochet the straight rows add fringe, blah, blah, blech!  I wanted something with movement and color!   So I crocheted two scarves so far and they both are curly and twirly!!!


Which one is your favorite?



Saturday, February 5th

Wow, it hardly seems true to find that January has come and gone already!   Less than  week and the Gallery will reopen and artworks will be on display and the Loving Red show will commence.   Was working down at the Odgepodge today and seeing some of the artworks coming in for the show, and to say wow!  is just not enough, there is some truly spectacular art happening and for this show.   I certainly hope it draws a crowd!  It should.

The artworks are all 12 x 12″ each and by some truly wonderful professional artists and are priced to sell.  They will run anywhere from $50- $150.   Barbara Paanakkers work alone at $150 would truly be a bargain as would Melody Clearys and they have priced at lower than that.   You would be lucky to normally find it at $450 or more.   Teffany Ingram has outdone herself on this one as well and hers will no doubt sell early on in the show.  We are so looking forward to having them on display, that I want to jump up and down over and over again!  Dana Keena has organized and invited artists from all over the Portland Metro Area for this show and had quite a few acceptances.

This will be a great way to kick off the new year!    I had better get working on mine they are due pretty dang soon!!

See ya there!