Bag, Bags and More Bags

I am always on the hunt for hand bags, purses, accessories that hold more accessories, by whatever name you call them, they are essentially bags.   Here are some of my favorite hand crafted bags made in America.  My criteria, you ask… well… Leather construction, bags must be lined, have a good shape and plenty of room.  (Each image is a link to where you can purchase the bag, if you are so inclined)

Double Zipper Bag in Sand

Madeline Chadwick Handbags Based in Los Angeles

Genuine leather. Silver hardware. Two open interior pockets and one zipper pocket. Custom lining.


SALE - Ready to ship - Larch leather bag in black

Handmade by ValhallaBrooklyn     Larch bag in buttery soft and sturdy black pebble grain premium grade cow hide


Everyday Bag

Handmade by ContraBandCouture      Butterscotch brown with, Two pockets on the faux gator inserts outside,  front and back along with three pockets on the inside paisley print lining.



Red Rose & Thorn Lasercut Lambskin Leather Ruffle Crossbody Bag

Handmade by DahlingAccessories

Red rose super soft lambskin lined with gray woven fabric. Ruffle flap at front with steel spike details.  Inside flap is grey Italian leather. Magnetic snap closure. Red leather reinforced crossbody strap that can be tied at end to adjust length. Inner pocket.   Fully lined. Dahling satin inside label on pocket.


Luella Bag Custom Color Option

Handmade by LolaFalkDesigns and made to order  Custom color bag

Exterior: Leather
Lining and Interior Pocket: Cotton
Closure: Metal Zipper
Adjustable Strap: Leather (can be lengthened/shortened to be worn cross-body or over shoulder)


Stitching up some jewelry….

Once upon a time I would have thought I would never have the patience to learn the different stitches for making jewelry from seed beads.   But, just recently I stepped forward and gave it a try.   Wow, I really like the result!  Now I didn’t just use seed beads, because it finally dawned on my that I was limiting myself (MEANING NOT TRYING IT) by just using the standard size 11 seed beads.  So I stitched my first panel using herringbone stitch and glass square beads.  I loved the look!  Since then I have stitched up quite a few of these, practicing the herringbone, learning the even count peyote stitch.   I will share when I finally get them made into proper bracelets!

Die Cut Fabric easy

Are you a scrapbooker that has invested in one of the die cutting systems like Sizzix or one of the others?   Are you looking to stretch how you use this equipment?   Wow, I am starting to sound like a company rep!

Ok, I have a couple of these die cut pieces of equipment and I love them.   I found out recently that the quilting world has one as well for cutting fabric.   This made me wonder if the one I have for paper would cut fabric.   It does.   It opened a whole new world for me, it made me think about how I could use fabric instead of paper for projects.

Now here is the disclaimer, that I do this at my own risk to damage to my dies.  If you choose to do this and it results in damage to your dies etc, I am not liable.  It is your choice to do so.

First iron a sewable fusible on the back of your fabric.   Cut the fabric into pieces the size of your die.   Run it through your machine.   VIOLA! you now have a pre-cut fusible that you can iron onto any other fabric.

I used sewable fusible because I wanted to be able to sew through the applique after it was applied, without gumming up my machine needle.

With some of the letter embroidery sewing machines out there, you could embroider the fabric, apply the fusible, then die cut out any shape you have on hand.

Too much fun!!!

A little bit of everything for your summer vacay or staycation. . .

As we head into the weekend, I realize that it is the middle of July.  We are past celebrations for the 4th, and there are no major holidays until Labor day.   Many are almost ready to go on their annual vacation, whether that be a staycation or a trip to the coast or to visit family, we all want to have some fun.   I was thinking about our annual trip to the Oregon Coast where we relax and just enjoy our selves for a couple of weeks.   I always take lots of different things to play with while we are there, and for me that means being crafty, or arty in some way.   This made me think about what types of supplies I might want to take with me and of course I went on a search of Etsy.    Here are a few of the items I found that would be good to take along…

For the sewer/quilter:

Nature Inspired Collection by Windham.  

Riley Blake Happier Sampler

For the jewelry maker:

Lucite Pansy Flower Beads – Mixed Color

AAA – Mixed Precious Rondelles – Ruby, Emerald and Sapphires – 1/2 Strand

For the cook:

Vintage Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book circa 1953

For the knitter/Crocheter:

Worsted weight Sock Yarn, Hand Dyed Merino Wool Tweed Randomly Variegated Vermillion, Dusty Rose and Burgundy 4 oz. 200 yards

Hand Dyed Worsted Weight Yarn – Mission Fig

Oregon Timber Brown DK Alpaca Yarn (50 g)

And finally for the scrap booker:


If you need a project check out Red heart for free crochet and knitting patterns!
Here is a 3 part tutorial on making resin jewelry:
Part 1:
Part 2
Part 3:

Such Opportunity and Crafty Corner!

It is truly remarkable how much is available to us in this day and age to be creative and market our wares.   This is powered by the Internet access, that allows anyone to find components, to be inspired, and fuel the creative individual.    A search of the internet with a simple word can net you a barrage of information about what you are looking for.  Some relevant and some maybe not so much.   The same search of the internet on a  site such as Etsy can net you a list of choices that can be more easily digested and perused and sometimes more applicable to your creative spirit.  I have found it to be both informational and inspirational.

For example the other day I was searching for supplies of roses, the internet search engine told me about every flower type, several business that would sell me flowers and a list too long to reveal here of items I was not interested in.   The search in supplies on Etsy, lead me directly to a rose lampwork bead, rose-colored yarn, a digital collage sheet etc…  Much more in tune with my creative side.   It provided me with both a physical source and inspiration that could carry me forward work with my creativity.   I bet this happens more times than we could count, and what a gift it is.    It always makes me think that the possibilities are endless (which they are) when you open your mind and use past experiences to bring together a creation you can be proud of.

I thought I would share some of the shops that provide supplies that also inspire me…. and how to make a flirty ric rac flower in the crafty corner.

Creature Comforts

Charmed Memory Collage

Mosaic Monkey

Cara Shea Beads

Trash Can Diva

Mermaids Dowry (this shop has wonderful components, I did not get away without buying from this shop)

Beautiful Additions Source for Ric-Rac

Crafty Corner!!

Here is a link to a video on how to make Ric-Rac Flowers

Creating something from seemingly nothing…

I thought I would post about my recent need to create something from nothing.   Usually this means sewing or working with Yarn or beads.   Lately it has been working with yarn.   I have always loved all of the different yarns available and the colors, they are beautiful.   They come in so many types from very fuzzy to what appears to be twine or string.  Each has its own properties that make it work for a particular purpose.

I started on this latest endeavor by making dish cloths (yes I said dishcloths) to use in my kitchen.  I wanted something bright and pretty that would clean dishes really well.   There is just something great about a 100% cotton crocheted dish cloth that makes cleaning easier and (somehow) more fun.   It is so very utilitarian but it brightens up your kitchen, it soaks up messes, it resists becoming smelly and well, it just works!   So I started creating one for the kitchen and before I knew it I had made 12.   I started with one that was kind of square with a bit of decorative crochet around the four edges.   Thinking that the edges would let me hang it to dry.  Of course I had no idea what I was going to hang it on, but I didn’t think of that until later.

The next type I made were, to my eyes, much prettier.   They have a very ruffly edge at both ends that is quite decorative when hung over the center of the sink to dry (see I did get more practical).    I like them the best!   So, knowing I only could use a few of them, I took the rest down to the Odgepodge in town (Odgepodge is the all around art gallery, antique/vintage, handmade shop in Sherwood).   I put them out for sale and within 3 days there were only 4 left to sell!   (I admit that the ones left ARE the the ones I wasn’t so sure about).   So now I think I need to make more because there is obviously a great need for these in the world.

Tomorrow we will talk about what I started making from yarn next.. . .

Memorial Day Weekend – Jewelry 101 Open Studio

It hardly seems possible that Memorial weekend will arrive in a couple of days.   I look outside and today was all rain and dark clouds and I wonder how much rain we can take before we start growing flippers here in the Northwest.  There is one good thing about being inside and staying dry, and that is all the little fun projects we can work on and get into, instead lawn mowing and flower watering and all those other things we would normally be doing this time of year.    So many projects and usually so little time.

I have several things in the works and they run the gamut.  First there is the summer dress that has the pattern cut out and just needs to be run through the sewing machine.  Of course the sewing machine is buried under a pile of stuff that I threw into that corner when I started organizing my books.   Mind you the corner is a tiny one  so it doesn’t take a lot to clutter it up but I plan on clearing that up this weekend.

Then there are those signs I volunteered to paint and I have partially completed, those are destined to be worked on at the next artists gathering.

Then there is the jewelry ( I create and sell my jewelry and I host the Jewelry 101 Open studio the last Friday of most months).    I absolutely LOVE creating jewelry, it is a very close second to to my metal work.   I love finding components and beads, doing wire work, hammering metal using all kinds of materials.   I am really attracted to tools, and jewelry making really feeds that need.

If you were to visit my studio, some people might wonder,  why I have yards of copper tubing?

I say, Doesn’t everyone?

Well the copper tubing when hammered makes wonderful bracelets and rings, and if you apply heat, well beautiful things happen.  Things like reds, and blues and pinks and browns that really make the copper pop.

Now don’t everyone go get that copper tubing off the connects to your ice maker on your fridge, you can pick some up at the hardware store.   Don’t worry if they give you funny looks or even if they ask you why you need so much.   But I bet while you wait you will find other items at the hardware store that make cool jewelry.   It just depends on how adventurous you are.

I am still experimenting with clear plastic tubing and what you could fill it with to make snappy bracelets or necklaces or even a hair band.  I admit that last bit about the hair band came to me just now.  You could fill the tubing with beads or glitter or fabric and the cork up the ends and attach a elastic  to either the corks or to the tubing itself and Wha-La a new head band to hold you hair back!   Or if the tubing was very small you could pop holes through it and attach beads on headpins and have danglies that hang from the tubing.

You could even run a ribbon through it to tie in the back of your neck for a necklace.

Maybe it should really be, so many idea’s and so little time. . .


Copper Bracelet