Beachy Book Pages

I had some fun this weekend at the beach, playing with my book pages, paints and pencils.  I had a vague idea of what I might want to work on, and since I only had a few days, I thought it would be perfect to start some drawing and maybe even color some in with paint.


Good thing I had my stuff, the weather ran quite the gamut over the weekend.  First it rained (totally expected, as it is Oregon)  then on Saturday the blessed sun came out, this pushed me outside to absorb the warmth and color! (the whole beach lights up with color when the sun comes out)  Then on Sunday it snowed!   I was greatly amused by the changes in the weather as they were so extreme.  It fit me perfectly, as I never do anything in a logical to others order.   You would think the weather would go in order of sun, rain, snow, not rain sun snow… oh well, chalk it up to the wonders of the world…

Before I left I had finished a drawing and painted it and applied it to my notebook. I used a page from an old book to draw and paint on and then applied it to my notebook using Golden Matte Medium. 

While I was there I drew and painted one for the other side.  This page is also an old book page but you really cannot tell due to the amount of paint used.

I am seemingly obsessed with my little chickens and they seem to come out of the woodwork no matter where I go.  Yes, I even draw in restaurants.  On napkins, you question?  Nope, I carry a tiny wallet type purse, and I have managed to always keep a set of white index cards and a pen in there.   Very handy for when the order takes a while and your companion (read husband) runs out of conversation.

C’est la vie



Such Opportunity and Crafty Corner!

It is truly remarkable how much is available to us in this day and age to be creative and market our wares.   This is powered by the Internet access, that allows anyone to find components, to be inspired, and fuel the creative individual.    A search of the internet with a simple word can net you a barrage of information about what you are looking for.  Some relevant and some maybe not so much.   The same search of the internet on a  site such as Etsy can net you a list of choices that can be more easily digested and perused and sometimes more applicable to your creative spirit.  I have found it to be both informational and inspirational.

For example the other day I was searching for supplies of roses, the internet search engine told me about every flower type, several business that would sell me flowers and a list too long to reveal here of items I was not interested in.   The search in supplies on Etsy, lead me directly to a rose lampwork bead, rose-colored yarn, a digital collage sheet etc…  Much more in tune with my creative side.   It provided me with both a physical source and inspiration that could carry me forward work with my creativity.   I bet this happens more times than we could count, and what a gift it is.    It always makes me think that the possibilities are endless (which they are) when you open your mind and use past experiences to bring together a creation you can be proud of.

I thought I would share some of the shops that provide supplies that also inspire me…. and how to make a flirty ric rac flower in the crafty corner.

Creature Comforts

Charmed Memory Collage

Mosaic Monkey

Cara Shea Beads

Trash Can Diva

Mermaids Dowry (this shop has wonderful components, I did not get away without buying from this shop)

Beautiful Additions Source for Ric-Rac

Crafty Corner!!

Here is a link to a video on how to make Ric-Rac Flowers

Memorial Day Weekend – Jewelry 101 Open Studio

It hardly seems possible that Memorial weekend will arrive in a couple of days.   I look outside and today was all rain and dark clouds and I wonder how much rain we can take before we start growing flippers here in the Northwest.  There is one good thing about being inside and staying dry, and that is all the little fun projects we can work on and get into, instead lawn mowing and flower watering and all those other things we would normally be doing this time of year.    So many projects and usually so little time.

I have several things in the works and they run the gamut.  First there is the summer dress that has the pattern cut out and just needs to be run through the sewing machine.  Of course the sewing machine is buried under a pile of stuff that I threw into that corner when I started organizing my books.   Mind you the corner is a tiny one  so it doesn’t take a lot to clutter it up but I plan on clearing that up this weekend.

Then there are those signs I volunteered to paint and I have partially completed, those are destined to be worked on at the next artists gathering.

Then there is the jewelry ( I create and sell my jewelry and I host the Jewelry 101 Open studio the last Friday of most months).    I absolutely LOVE creating jewelry, it is a very close second to to my metal work.   I love finding components and beads, doing wire work, hammering metal using all kinds of materials.   I am really attracted to tools, and jewelry making really feeds that need.

If you were to visit my studio, some people might wonder,  why I have yards of copper tubing?

I say, Doesn’t everyone?

Well the copper tubing when hammered makes wonderful bracelets and rings, and if you apply heat, well beautiful things happen.  Things like reds, and blues and pinks and browns that really make the copper pop.

Now don’t everyone go get that copper tubing off the connects to your ice maker on your fridge, you can pick some up at the hardware store.   Don’t worry if they give you funny looks or even if they ask you why you need so much.   But I bet while you wait you will find other items at the hardware store that make cool jewelry.   It just depends on how adventurous you are.

I am still experimenting with clear plastic tubing and what you could fill it with to make snappy bracelets or necklaces or even a hair band.  I admit that last bit about the hair band came to me just now.  You could fill the tubing with beads or glitter or fabric and the cork up the ends and attach a elastic  to either the corks or to the tubing itself and Wha-La a new head band to hold you hair back!   Or if the tubing was very small you could pop holes through it and attach beads on headpins and have danglies that hang from the tubing.

You could even run a ribbon through it to tie in the back of your neck for a necklace.

Maybe it should really be, so many idea’s and so little time. . .


Copper Bracelet


I awaken. . .

It is morning, not early nor late, just morning

Getting out of bed is a chore, it is difficult to give up the warm coziness of relaxation.

You know you have to because age has crept up on you and if you do not get moving, the stiffness will begin and along with it the pain of not moving.

I move the covers back and gingerly swing my legs over and sit up.

One deep breath and I think Coffee!  I need Coffee!  Thinking of the lovely smell and the heat of it is enticing.

I head downstairs intent on getting it started before head for all of my other morning tasks.

It is Sunday so I get the grounds and filter and water and start the maker

Ahh Coffee, nectar of my mornings. . .