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Beachy Book Pages

I had some fun this weekend at the beach, playing with my book pages, paints and pencils.  I had a vague idea of what I might want to work on, and since I only had a few days, I thought it would be perfect to start some drawing and maybe even color some in with paint.


Good thing I had my stuff, the weather ran quite the gamut over the weekend.  First it rained (totally expected, as it is Oregon)  then on Saturday the blessed sun came out, this pushed me outside to absorb the warmth and color! (the whole beach lights up with color when the sun comes out)  Then on Sunday it snowed!   I was greatly amused by the changes in the weather as they were so extreme.  It fit me perfectly, as I never do anything in a logical to others order.   You would think the weather would go in order of sun, rain, snow, not rain sun snow… oh well, chalk it up to the wonders of the world…

Before I left I had finished a drawing and painted it and applied it to my notebook. I used a page from an old book to draw and paint on and then applied it to my notebook using Golden Matte Medium. 

While I was there I drew and painted one for the other side.  This page is also an old book page but you really cannot tell due to the amount of paint used.

I am seemingly obsessed with my little chickens and they seem to come out of the woodwork no matter where I go.  Yes, I even draw in restaurants.  On napkins, you question?  Nope, I carry a tiny wallet type purse, and I have managed to always keep a set of white index cards and a pen in there.   Very handy for when the order takes a while and your companion (read husband) runs out of conversation.

C’est la vie


Easy wrap bracelet for the holidays.

A wrapped or memory wire bracelet is one of the easiest pieces of jewelry to make for a beginner.   You will need one package of memory wire sized for bracelets.  You will also need beads of your choice with holes sized large enough to fit the diameter of the memory wire.   Many seed beads will not work for this unless they are the larger ones.   You will also need a pair of Chain nose pliers. (Click for memory wire source) (Click for source of Pliers)

To start locate one end of your memory wire, then using your pliers bend the end back onto itself. (you can also purchase memory wire bead caps. Click here for a source)  It will form a bit of a loop.  This will stop your beads from coming off the end.

Your typical package of memory wire will allow it to go around your wrist several times.  Take a look and decide how many time you want your to wrap around.   Once you know, cut the memory wire at that point (please don’t use your flush cutter for this, the memory wire will damage them)  I use a pair of cutters meant for memory wire. (Link to Memory wire cutters)

Now that you have your length of wire, start stringing beads onto it, use your imagination, if you don’t like a combination then slide them  off and re do.   You can make this total random or in a pattern with the same size and type of bead. (click for bead source)(Source for lovely Crystals)  It is all about what appeals to you.

Once you have them all strung, use your pliers and bend a loop into the end where you were stringing.  This will hold all the beads onto the wire.

Presto a bracelet!!!

What a great gift!  Or if you used those lovely crystals you have a lovely holiday sparkle bracelet….


Happy Holidays!



P.S.  If you just would like to have a lovely Memory Wire Bracelet made for you, I know just the person.   Give her a call or visit her shop on Etsy.       Click here to visit  her shop and contact her via convo Jewelyett

Creating Visual Art along with music

There are two ways I create, one is on a deadline and the other is free form with no particular purpose.   I have learned over time that the sounds around me make a difference to how successful I am at both of these.   I usually have the radio playing or my IPOD is playing.

When I am on a deadline, meaning I need to finish some artworks for a show, then I listen to NPR.  I know, talk radio?   It keeps me grounded, and is calm enough to keep me on task and helps me be more methodical.   Of course it does have its risks, sometimes the program is so interesting, that you stop working to listen.  If I am worried about that then it time to listen to either slow jazz or Classical music.     I often wonder how many people use music or sound to motivate and influence their work.   I will tend to get scattered and forget stuff if I am trying to hurry, so slowing down and paying more attention works for me.

Now when I am just playing around and experimenting, which I wish happened more often, is when I play music.   Anything will do but the more up tempo the better.   Recently one of my new favorite songs in Rolling in the Deep by Adele.  That girl can SING!  The up temp music gets me in a groove that says, no rules!  Do what you want, it is all good.   I will admit, that sometimes this creative jaunt involves dancing around, sometimes just chair dancin’ but other times, it is full on spinnin’ around the room!

I have often thought that I should just name my artworks after whatever I was listening to when they were created.    Some would have names like, Radio Lab or Wait, Wait don’t tell me or Jar of Hearts, I found a boy or Revival.   Now that would give them more punch and probably cause quite the conversation to ensue when explaining the names.  What kind of Music do you listen to when your feeling creative?

Now for some craftivity!

Have you ever etched on Metal?  Me either.  But, I found this video by the ever wonderful Sherri Haab on how to etch metal.  I know people who have done the etching, using their own calligraphy as the base and copying it to create the template for etching.   It is definitely on my list of to do’s.


If you like to watch artist as they create, this is a great video I found.  He is creating a filigree bracelet to music and I could not stop watching.