Beautiful Photography of David Bryan Gilmore

I have a friend that is such a wonderful photographer and artist.  He recently posted one of his many photographs and I just had to share.

He doesn’t just take a photo and leave it at that (although sometimes he does).  He takes them a step further, he explores the possibilities and turns his photography into art.   A great example is this lovely photo of one of our local parks.

The first thing I really like is that it is a panorama which gives it such a great depth of field. Secondly that he did this by using a program to stitch several photo’s together.  Then there is the richness of color and line that this photo has.

Dave tells me that he used to play with this photo, primarily he used the Hugin program and the HDR in Effect function.  He describes this program as easy to use and best of all free.

Enjoy this beautiful photo of Snyder Park in Sherwood Oregon, courtesy of David Bryan Gilmore.